Tightsen focuses on the r&d of new products and market commitment, adheres to the principle of users first, comprehensively identifies customer requirements and market change, adheres to continuous innovation, regards continuous product quality improvement and quality management system as the eternal goal, introduces new products to market every year, keeps paying attention to the changing market information, to make sure to keep pace with the market.

Tightsen constantly attracts high-tech talents to enrich its R&D force with competitive salaries, and cooperates with major university and research institutions to form a multi-level multi aspect R&D organization.

The R&D center, whose CTO is a postdoctor in organic chemistry of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is divided into four project teams: UV project team, epoxy project team, acrylic project team and electronic PUR project team. Related products include UV, epoxy, acrylic, anaerobic, dual curing system, PUR, silicone, etc.


R&d center

※Independent research and development of core technologies and products

※More than 50 staff in the scientific research team, 85% of which have bachelor degree or above

※establish industry-university-research cooperation centers with many universities

※The first drafting unit of 3 national industry standards, and the participator of the formulation of 7 national industry standards.

※246 patents have been applied and 150 of them have been authorized.

Shanghai municipal government recognized enterprise technology center and new high-tech enterprise

Gathering top talents in the industry, equipped with advanced instruments, to ensure that the company maintains long-term and stable competitive advantages

8% of sales are invested in R&D every year

Strong R & D team
Research and development center staff profile
R&d personnel registration structure
R & D personnel experience
More than 15 years
College and Other
More than ten years
More than five years
College and Other

Main product technology:

1.UV delay curing, high concealment deep key technology;

2. Flexible one component epoxy adhesive technology;

3.PUR hot melt adhesive fast positioning free from pressure retaining technology;

4. Wide hot-melt film and omentum technology;

5. Double curing technology of modified acrylic resin composition

Independent R&D projects account for more than 95%, and 8% of sales are devoted to new technology R&D
More than 20 independently established projects per year, and 3-5 industry-university-research cooperation projects per year
Sales revenue of new products account for more than 60%
Coming top in authorized invention patents quantity and the sub-industry technical level, being a standard constitutor.
R&d Center - Independent research and development of core technologies and products
Professional material development and testing ability
Synthesis and formulation development of materials
Synthesis and formulation development of materials
Chemical analysis of materials
Experts of material research and development
Professional technical ability of material application
Material reliability
Material failure analysis
Application performance Simulation
Simulation of special characteristics
Team of technical experts
Material surface treatment
Basic performance parameters of materials
Quality assurance

The company has established a complete product enterprise standards, and has regarded quality management system as the system tool of keeping product quality stable and improving

Company certifications

ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14000, ISO45001


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