The "heart" of new energy vehicles: adhesive technology for the normal work of power batteries

Issuing time:2022-06-01 08:50

Power battery is equivalent to the engine of a traditional fuel car, which is the "heart" of new energy vehicles. Battery cost accounts for about 50% of the whole vehicle, and its production technology, quality, safety and other factors directly affect the performance and safety of the whole vehicle. More than 80% of the volume of power battery is composed of organic chemical materials, so how to effectively carry out the safety test and evaluation of power battery related materials has become particularly urgent.


Adhesives are widely used in the production of lithium-ion power batteries and systems. Such as the sodium hydroxyl methyl cellulose binder inside the cell, the back of the insulation film of the cell is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, the water cold plate thermal conductive adhesive used in the module heat dissipation, the battery shell sealant and so on. Structural adhesive that plays a key role in the battery assembly process. Structural bonding refers to the fact that the bonded material may withstand high pressure or even reach the yield limit of the material. The structural bonding life must be longer than the service life of one of the adhesives, which may be decades. Structural adhesive is widely used in the assembly of square cell in power battery.


With more than 20 years of adhesive R & D, manufacturing and sales experience, Taisheng has provided solutions for supporting adhesives in the power battery industry of new energy vehicles.


Typical application of adhesive: Blue film bonding of battery cell



Base material: aluminum sheet and PET film

Requirements: bonding location, heat conduction, good bonding with PET film and aluminum plate

Solution: two-component polyurethane structural adhesive

Heat conduction between the base plate and the core


Aluminum shell cell and insulation board bonding


Requirements: environmental protection, thixotropic, good thermal conductivity, fast curing at room temperature;

Product recommendation: Epoxy structural adhesive two-component PU

Circuit board coating


Three anti paint: UV rapid curing high and low temperature resistance -40℃ ~ 150℃ salt spray resistance low viscosity and excellent adhesion of the substrate



Insulation adhesive: semi-flowing thixotropy good weather resistance excellent insulation performance

Product recommendation: UV glue

Battery and the overall safety of new energy vehicles, is a serious issue with The Times. In battery packs and battery systems, it is of great practical significance to conduct in-depth research on key raw materials such as structural adhesives and establish a complete set of systematic evaluation system for the technological progress and safety prevention upgrade of the whole industry.



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