Thermal management in 5G era -- Application of thermal conductive acrylic structural adhesive

Issuing time:2022-06-01 08:48

The huge data traffic in the 5G era puts forward higher requirements for the chips, antennas and other components of communication terminals, and the power consumption of the devices is greatly increased, causing a sharp increase in the caloric value of these parts. Thermal management material is the most effective heat dissipation material in the current 5G radio frequency chip, millimeter wave antenna, wireless charging, wireless transmission, IGBT, printed circuit board, AI and Internet of things, and it is irreplaceable.


The trend of high power, high integration and high heat in the 5G era is obvious, and thermal management has become a "hard demand" for smartphones.

Since 2022, 5G technology has moved towards full popularization, and consumer electronic products have accelerated to the direction of high power, high integration, lightweight and intelligent. As the integration degree, power density and assembly density continue to rise, the performance of electronic devices in the 5G era continues to improve, while the working power consumption and calorific value increase sharply. According to statistics, the material failure caused by heat concentration in electronic devices accounts for 65%~80% of the total failure rate. In order to avoid device failure caused by overheating, thermal grease, thermal gel, graphite thermal sheet, heat pipe and heat sink (VC) and other technologies have emerged and continued to evolve. Heat dissipation management has become a "hard requirement" for electronic devices in the 5G era.

Taisheng launched thermal conductive acrylic structural adhesive, products are suitable for metal, composite materials, such as fast fixation, bonding. Especially the structural bonding of various electronic devices, such as the mobile phone, laptop radiator, 5G base station heat sink fast bonding.

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TSE9020 is a low odor, thermal conductivity of two-component acrylic adhesive, according to the volume ratio of 4:1 combination, operation time of about 2 minutes, TSE9020 high viscosity, room temperature curing speed (25℃, 2-3min), bonding fast, thermal conductivity 1.1W/ MK, curing hard and toughness, It has high bonding strength and impact resistance, good aging resistance and solvent resistance.


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