Good news! Tightsen  refined has obtained the certificate of three systems certification

Issuing time:2021-04-02 08:31

In April 2021, the company successfully passed the ISO three system certification (IS09001:2015 quality management system, IS014001:2015 Environmental management system, and IS045001:2018 Occupational safety and health management system.

Since the establishment of the company, constantly strengthen the internal management, strictly control the quality of service, improve customer service awareness, strengthen the company team building. At the same time, the company continued to three system management staff awareness of propaganda and guidance, around all files, revise and perfect the system of 3 as well as to the different divisions of the company staff to carry out the training and communication, make the enterprise to form a system, perfect management system, and further enhance the level of the company in the production process control, product quality, environmental protection and the implementation of labor protection, etc. Especially for the current market competition environment, the three system certification is an important means for the company to improve the market competitiveness.

All departments of the company should carefully study the company's management system documents, truly implement the management requirements in the system, and constantly put forward their own modification suggestions in the implementation process, improve the functions of the system, so that the enterprise in product quality, environmental protection, labor protection three aspects have made greater progress. Based on the long-term development, complete the actual target, for the company to continuously improve the management level has laid a firm foundation.


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