The invention patent of glue relates to a hot double curing adhesive and a preparation method thereo

Issuing time:2021-03-26 08:29

Glue invention Patent A UV/ thermal double curing adhesive and a preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of adhesive, in particular to a UV/ thermal double curing adhesive and a preparation method thereof. The polyurethane modified aliphatic ring epoxy resin contained in the invention has good flexibility, no precipitation, good compatibility with other resins, and has high bonding strength to different materials; UV/hot dual curing adhesive system has low curing shrinkage rate, low expansion coefficient, no precipitation characteristics, more important is the invention of the adhesive has a dual fast curing the characteristics of UV and heat, but after the ultraviolet radiation curing, fixed, reach of the ultraviolet light can be cured at 80 ℃ low temperature fast, especially suitable for application in VCM motor. The synthesis process of the invention is simple and easy to operate, the cost is low, the product is widely used, and it is widely used in different fields such as mobile phone, laptop computer and infrared monitoring equipment manufacturing.


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